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e-commerce consulting agency for retail & lifestyle brands.

Helping brands navigate selling online & achieving growth through clever SEO strategies, proven e-commerce activities & digital support across your whole marketing team. We're a group of talented people with relationships built over 20+ years.
We've years of experience growing online retail brands. Knowing what works came with a few u-turns along the way, but it's what makes us the perfect e-commerce partner for your business.

Think of Naughton & Bird as a digital extension of your marketing team with a sleeves-rolled-up character to go with it. We immerse ourselves in your brand's vision and commercial objectives to deliver a return that keeps growing.

Our Ecommerce Partners

As an official Shopify partner we can help you from the ground up.
We're a Klaviyo Master specialising in automated flows & email design.
Pi Datametrics
Using enterprise SEO software to provide our clients with data-driven insight.

Shopify is our e-commerce platform of choice.

We've worked within agencies. And we've been in your shoes, running an online business. So we know how it works from both sides of the table. We also know how choosing the right e-commerce platform can make a world of difference to success. That's why we're a Shopify partner. Our clients can scale their growth without adding unnecessary costs of years gone by, and we know the platform incredibly well to support and navigate season after season, year after year.
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We're proud of our e-commerce clients

Naughton & Bird Shop 1962

An e-commerce agency?

We're not your usual agency. We're direct to consumer & e-commerce consultants that work across your entire business. We firmly believe empowering your team is the recipe for mutual success. Over the years, we've built relationships with brilliant people. People who have become specialist Shopify developers, SEO experts & more importantly, we've all worked together before. Each of our clients can have access to our network of complimentary agencies. We recommend and trust them implicitly. Our reputation depends on it - a passion for retail stretching three generations back to 1952.
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