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Build loyalty for your e-commerce or consumer-facing brand with email marketing in Hong Kong. With over a decade of EDM email marketing experience across fashion, lifestyle & luxury, our email approach is to deliver customer loyalty and revenue.

We specialise in account onboarding and creating email marketing strategies for brands across Hong Kong, Asia & Europe. We exclusively partner with Klaviyo & DotDigital (formerly Dotmailer) and assist brands with migrating from other ESPs such as Mailchimp & Campaign Monitor.
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Shopify Email Marketing

Shopify Email Marketing
For online brands on the Shopify or Shopify Plus platform, email marketing is possibly the most effective marketing channel when combined with a marketing mix of social advertising, SEO and affiliates. Whether your store is just getting started or has an established customer base, if you're on Shopify and not using Klaviyo or DotDigital, we can help you migrate and grow your business.

On average, our Shopify clients using Klaviyo see between 35%-50% of their monthly revenue from email marketing. Of which, 20%-25% of email revenue is automated. We create strategies for email automation by building flows that target converting new prospects, rewarding repeat customers, users who abandon baskets or their browser. We're a little obsessed with segmenting customer lists that drive increased open rates, reduce unsubscribes & deliver a better experience for your subscribers.
Shopify Email Marketing
Shopify email marketing services we offer:
  • New Email Provider Onboarding or Migration
  • Full Account Set-up & Shopify Integration
  • Email Template Creation
  • Email Marketing Campaign Creation
  • Email Automation Build & Optimisation

What is email marketing?

Email marketing is possibly the best medium or channel for keeping in touch with your customers or prospects. It builds brand loyalty with new fans and existing subscribers and allows businesses to collect valuable insight and data on their customers.

Email marketing has developed over the past decade to move from email blasting to more sophisticated segmentation and full automation. From converting prospects from social channels or your own website to encouraging repeat customers to come back and shop again, email is a Naughton & Bird favourite channel.

How effective is email marketing?

Whilst social may get all the attention, there's no doubt that email marketing is the bedrock of successful online growth. Email marketing is highly effective when it's combined with a full marketing mix. We get excited seeing clients who benefit from data sharing between social advertising, CRMs and email campaigns. Email is effective independently, however, and in our opinion, if you are able to have your customer data in order before you scale, you'll have a successful email marketing strategy.

What is the best email marketing software for Shopify?

When it comes to email marketing and Shopify there are a number of ESPs which have a track record of e-commerce success. However, choosing which is the best email marketing software for Shopify comes down to your internal digital team strengths and business objectives.For us the best 'out of the box' integration with Shopify, for us it has to be Klaviyo. With a one-click installation and an intuitive user experience when using the Klaviyo CMS, it's a dream to use. We particularly enjoy the ease of building automation flows (and their recommended library of templates which you can use).If your business has more customisation to its online operation, then we lean towards DotDigital for Shopify email marketing. With a class-leading service based out of their London head office, we find DotDigital are the perfect enterprise partner for email marketing. Their platform is incredibly powerful for digital marketing teams which want to dive into more complex data segmentation. It also offers surveys & SMS marketing, as does Klaviyo.
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