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Our SEO services are ideal for brands who have in-house digital teams and wish to develop their SEO company knowledge & organic strategy. Our approach to search engine optimisation is carefully considered with years of experience and industry-leading tools to drive site visibility and your share of voice.

We can provide SEO in Hong Kong on a project basis (which is a great introduction to working together) or a retainer basis.
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We're not just an SEO agency in Hong Kong. We're a specialised team of industry experts who love to help start-ups, SMEs and large teams understand Google SEO and elevate digital decisions based on insight. Our SEO marketing is suited to brands who want to up-skill their talent. We work with your team to deliver results and we absorb ourselves in your world to fully understand your business. We are an extension of your digital team.

We offer technical SEO services working with specialist partners to perform site configuration audits, backlink analysis, disavow and penalty removals. This allows us to scale quickly and deliver results fast.


  • Keyword & Competitor Landscape Research
  • SEO Strategy & Content Planning
  • Off-page SEO & Penalty Analysis
  • Technical Audit & Recommendations
  • Local SEO Hong Kong Optimisation
  • Google SEO Reports For Internal Stakeholders
  • Team SEO Training & SEO Consultancy
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SEO Research
We deep dive into your market to analyse keywords, competitors and reveal fascinating opportunities of growth.
SEO Planning & Implementation
Plan & Implement
Identifying seasonality trends in your search landscape helps us plan and execute your holistic digital strategy.
SEO Evaluation
Analysing success and spotting new insights and opportunities in the ever-changing search engine landscape.

Shopify SEO

Shopify SEO
In 2017 we began to notice a number of websites migrate to Shopify. Our intuition was indeed correct and the folk over at show that the Shopify platform is more popular than ever with over 1.5 million brands globally and over 2,500 in Hong Kong alone.

When it comes to optimising Shopify SEO there are a number of benefits which make life easy, such as redirects and editing theme code in their liquid language. However, with Shopify it brings some nuances which are often overlooked by Shopify web developers. This is where we can help.
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We offer Shopify SEO services that start with a full technical audit of your existing build, theme speed testing, duplicate content, canonical set-up & much more. Our Shopify knowledge stretches back to 2016 and our development partner has delivered over 50 projects with a core focus of great SEO. We offer real solutions that help your site index higher and grow visibility. Dealing with SEO is a long-term relationship rather than quick Shopify SEO tricks, however there are a number of quick wins which we know make an immediate difference to any Shopify store.

  • Shopify Theme Optimisation
  • Shopify Product SEO
  • Shopify Duplicate Content Analysis
  • Shopify Variant Optimisation
  • Shopify Store Content Strategy
SEO cannibalisation strategy
We're proud that our Shopify SEO services deliver results. We have a track-record of increasing website rankings & visibility through resolving conflict created by previous SEO activities. The proof is really in the pudding. Here's an example of our success helping a Shopify Plus client recover from a Google penalty, eliminate internal conflict or cannibalisation and deliver superb ROI. From page 4 of Google to page 1 within 90 days and then a further evaluation period to secure a stable top 3 position.

How much does search engine optimisation cost?

Many business owners and SEO consultants ask this question every week. Defining what makes a successful Hong Kong SEO strategy varies between the type of market, amount of competition, current reputation of your domain and a whole host more. Defining what SEO should cost is all down to relevancy in your sector. How does your website compare to your competitors, what will it take to grow your share of voice and how quickly do you want to do it?

So, the cost of SEO can vary. Like any industry there are different levels of service offering. SEO is no different. If you're looking for SEO as a start-up business then you'll be presented with a host of companies claiming to offer first page rankings for less than the cost of a weekend staycation in a Hong Kong hotel. In many cases, we work with clients who've tried and tested the cheap SEO route and effectively wasted their budget but also potentially done more harm to their domain in the process.

We like our clients to have full transparency on how we work. We break down our consultancy costs on a project rate and recommend our clients to have their own account with our preferred partner, Pi Datametrics. For start-ups we offer a light-touch service which allows brands with small budgets to benefit from our SEO strategy and we manage their data in our SEMrush account.

Can you deliver SEO guaranteed results of my rankings?

Staggeringly there are still agencies claiming to guarantee first page results with a minimum level of traffic increase. We don't make guarantees with search engines as they are constantly changing. Rankings are inherently unstable and history has shown the Google's algorithm is testing, evolving and can change at a moments notice causing volatility, sometimes with detrimental effects (Interflora's penalty from Google in 2013 is a classic example).

Rankings do not equal traffic. We measure a successful SEO campaign by defining the goals at the beginning of the project. We look for an increase in visibility across your most desirable keyword groups which ultimately lead to more conversions or engagement for your brand. Growing your share of voice and effectively owning your niche is what we are all about.

How long does SEO take effect?

On average it takes anywhere from 3 to 6 months for SEO to take effect. This can depend on the complexity of the SEO project at hand, the technical structure of a site, off-page domain legacy activities & more. During our research phase we'll identify opportunities that align with your overall marketing strategy and set the milestones for evaluating success. We find that with sites that have a decent domain history and an existing search engine visibility as a benchmark, there can quick wins which can add a lift overnight with some on-page SEO changes and site configuration amendments. In most cases our clients require a deeper and more complex SEO strategy to build a share of voice.
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